Block Builders

Winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award!
Major Fun Award - Puzzles
Architecture... deconstructed and reconstructed!
Transform, configure, and manipulate Block Builders for endless building and perpetual design.

Discover your inner architect as you fold and unfold the six distinctively hinged blocks to create skyscrapers, modern art sculptures, geometric marvels - just about anything you can imagine! When you put Block Builders together in unexpected ways (some pieces open and some closed), you reveal striking architectural wonders.

Solve the 50 challenge puzzles and test your ability to think in multiple dimensions. Visualize, conceptualize, and realize new building innovations. Block Builders is a refreshing visual-spatial vacation - and an adventure in analytical thought!

Block Builders puzzle challenge cards range from beginner to expert (each one coded so you'll know what you're up against.) Look at the design on the front of the card and recreate the shape using the indicated number of blocks. Stumped? The solution is provided in an exploded view on the opposite side of the card.

What will you build?
How will you build?
Where will you build?
Whatever you do - Build with Block Builders!

Block Builders Architectural Blocks
  • 6 cubes, each uniquely hinged for innovative creating
  • Visualize, conceptualize and realize a world of architecture
  • Ideal for free-form exploration of architecture
  • 50 building puzzle challenge cards engage & extend critical thought
  • Work independently or as a group to solve the 50 challenge cards
  • Great exercise in visual perception & spatial awareness
  • Each building card contains educational facts of modern & historic architecture
  • 3 Levels of difficulty included - Beginner, Intermediate, Expert
  • Contents: 6 Hinged Blocks, 50 Challenge Cards
  • Recommended ages 5 years+

    Additionally, each Block Builders card contains fascinating facts! Famous design styles, architectural wonders, architecture terms, even quotes by legendary architects. 

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