Smarty Blocks

Speedy Little Skill Builders for Growing Minds.

Ready? Set. Go!

Children have one minute to complete as many challenges as possible. This fast-paced game boosts reading, spelling, sequencing, math, logic, visual spatial skills, and more!

Perfect for readers and non-readers alike, designed by educators, Smarty Blocks target the interests of young children. Darling animal graphics, alphabet letters, numbers and colors – kids are happy to get playing!

From simple stacking puzzles, children advance to sequencing, reading, spelling, and logic cards. Smarty Blocks build a solid foundation for academic success!

160 Challenge Cards meet your child at their current level and smoothly transition them to the next.

Orange Challenge Cards:
No reading is required! The object is simple. Stack the blocks and recreate the pattern shown on the card.

Skills acquisitions:
Fine Motor Skills
Visual Recognition
Spatial Acuity
Blue Challenge Cards:
Skills builders for advanced readers and thinkers! Reading and higher level thinking is required. An adult's guidance may be appropriate. Read each card and follow the given instructions.

"What's a THREE letter word that ends with T?" - Quick! Find the blocks B, A, and T to spell BAT! - Or, any other letters you can think of to answer the question!
Skills acquisitions: 
Fine Motor Skills
Visual Recognition
Spatial Acuity
Phonetic skills
Number Sequencing
Number Value Concepts
Identifying Patterns
Critical Thinking
Identifying Animal Characteristics

Smarty Blocks are SMART.  Children stretch to higher thinking as they play!

Smarty Blocks
  • Speedy Skill Builders for Growing Minds
  • Encourage fine motor skills, reading, spelling, number concepts, spatial acuity, identifying patterns, critical thinking
  • Children stretch to higher thinking as they play
  • Ideal for both non-readers and readers
  • Based on National Common Core Standards
  • Darling graphics engage children
  • 10 Beautiful wooden blocks
  • 160 Durable challenge cards
  • High quality construction
  • Fully safety tested
  • Fun for solo play
  • Game play for 2 to 4 players
  • Recommended for children 5 years and up 
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