Stork on the Stoop


Know a family member or friend who is expecting? Stork on the Stoop is the perfect resource to help prepare for a new baby. It helps to ensure a positive experience during the time of transition. 

The box-set includes: Hardcover Picture Book – This beautifully illustrated story will initiate the magic by explaining how families can use the stork to help them prepare for the new baby!

Plush Stork –  This toy is sure to become your child's best friend, as the book explains that they will need to work together to prepare for the arrival of the new baby.

Once purchased name and register your Stork by “Joining the Flock". Stork on the Stoop will then provide you with emails throughout your pregnancy that are tailored to your specific family circumstances and designed to make your family's experience even more fun and convenient! 

Create a positive transition by planning surprise deliveries from your stork! 

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